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About Us

With roots that extend back to the late 1800s, Chattanooga Gas today provides retail natural gas sales and transportation services to approximately 60,000 customers in Hamilton and Bradley counties in southeast Tennessee. Our service area includes the communities of Chattanooga, Cleveland, Red Bank, East Ridge, Lookout Mountain and Signal Mountain. Chattanooga Gas, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based AGL Resources, manages a natural gas pipeline system that delivers approximately 20 billion cubic feet of gas per year.

A Historical Timeline

Late 1800s Chattanooga's first gas company is established shortly after the Civil War to light the streets of the city.
1890 Chattanooga’s two competing gas companies merge to form the Mutual Gas Company.
1900 Chattanooga’s gas distribution system has grown to 50 miles with a capacity of 700 thousand cubic feet of gas per day, and Mutual Gas’ transportation system is making the transition from horses and mules to trucks.
1907 Mutual Gas Company is purchased by United Light and Power Company and given its current name -- Chattanooga Gas Company, with offices on East Sixth Street, between Market and Cherry streets, in the basement of the Old James Building, Chattanooga's only public building and home to all local school graduation ceremonies. In the coming years, the company expands its reach to new communities including St. Elmo, Alton Park, Brainerd and North Chattanooga.
1915 The gas company stops manufacturing gas and begins buying byproduct gas.
Early 1900s Chattanooga Gas Company expanded to reach new communities including St. Elmo, Alton Park, Brainerd and North Chattanooga. In addition, Chattanooga's strong industrial growth as the appliance manufacturing center for the region helped the company to grow.
1940 The United Light and Power Company sells Chattanooga Gas Company to Federal Water and Gas Services. Three months later, Chattanooga Gas Company is sold again to Southern Natural Gas Company.
1950 The Equitable Securities Corporation buys all common stock of the Chattanooga Gas Company and issues the stock for public sale. After the public offering, Chattanooga Gas Company has 3,800 stockholders throughout the country. The same year, underground pipes arrive in Chattanooga, offering residents a cleaner and cheaper alternative to manufactured gas. Natural gas availability sparks a boom for Chattanooga Gas Company and in a single decade, the number of customers doubles and consumption of natural gas increases 2,500 percent.
1973 Chattanooga Gas Company makes a significant investment in a liquefied natural gas plant that would prove to be essential to the company for years to come. Later this decade, Jupiter Industries buys all outstanding shares of Chattanooga Gas Company.
1988 Atlanta Gas Light buys Chattanooga Gas Company and makes major investments to modernize the company’s gas distribution system and other facilities. In just a few years, Atlanta Gas Light's investment in Chattanooga quadruples.
Today As part of the AGL Resources family, we constantly strive to provide efficient economical and reliable service to our customers.