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Chattanooga Gas brings volunteers, equipment to help preserve a healthy Tennessee River Gorge

Chattanooga Gas field tech Drew Fox (left) and foreman Marcus Smith watch as crew lead David Smith operates an excavator to install posts to deter unsafe parking in the Tennessee River Gorge.

.A team of volunteers from Chattanooga Gas met Thursday to support the Tennessee River Gorge Trust by removing fallen trees, placing gravel to reinforce a trail entrance that was beginning to erode and performing general trail cleanup, as well as installing posts and large rocks to deter unsafe parking and unauthorized camping.


Chattanooga Gas Vice President of Operations Tiffany Callaway-Ferrell trims a tree branch along a wooded trail in the Tennessee River Gorge.

This is the twelfth year in a row Chattanooga Gas partnered with the trust and provided a crew for a day of volunteer work to help clear trails and restore riverside areas.

“Chattanooga Gas and all of our employees are committed to sustainability and the conservation of the land and waters that our community needs,” said Tiffany Callaway-Ferrell, vice president of operations for Chattanooga Gas. “By working with the Tennessee River Gorge Trust to enhance this protected land, we hope to make this beautiful area even more inviting and also help to ensure the safety of people who use the trails.”

The partnership allows Chattanooga Gas to help with challenges the Tennessee River Gorge Trust faces. In addition to volunteers, the company brings its own tools and machinery to each project.

“Chattanooga Gas and its volunteers help us accomplish high-priority access projects that we just don’t have the capacity or equipment to do,” said Rick Huffines, executive director of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. “We are grateful for our partnership because it helps make our trails and access points better for the community.”

Chattanooga Gas’ support for the Tennessee River Gorge Trust is just one way in which the company is helping to maintain the region’s vibrant community. Earlier in April, the company announced a donation to City Fields in support of the Blythe Oldfield revitalization effort.