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Safety First: Natural Gas Guidelines You Should Know Before, During and After Severe Weather

CHATTANOOGA, TN – May 31, 2018 – Forecasts call for the 2018 hurricane season to be slightly above average. Therefore, Chattanooga Gas customers should prepare now to keep themselves and their families safe before any naturally occurring weather event.

Hurricane season, a six-month period that begins June 1 and lasts through November, is typically the time of year when the potential for tropical depressions, tropical storms or hurricanes peaks. This period also can lead to tornados and other related weather emergencies, such as flooding. 

Chattanooga Gas is providing the following recommended guidelines associated with natural gas safety during a weather emergency:

Detecting Gas Leaks

  • If customers smell the distinctive rotten-egg odor associated with natural gas, they should leave the area immediately and move a safe distance away from the potential leak, while avoiding any action that may cause sparks.
  • They should never try to identify the source of a leak or stop the leak themselves.
  • They should avoid using any sources of ignition, such as cell phones, cigarettes, matches, flashlights, electronic devices, motorized vehicles, light switches or landlines, as natural gas can ignite from a spark, possibly causing a fire or explosion.
  • They should call the Chattanooga Gas 24-hour emergency response line at 1-866-643-4170 or 911 once they are out of the area of the suspected leak and in a safe place. They should also stay away until Chattanooga Gas or emergency personnel indicates it is safe to return.


Damage Prevention

  • Strong winds and saturated grounds could cause trees to become uprooted. Before removing downed trees, customers should contact Tennessee 811 by calling 811 to have the location of underground utility lines marked, because downed trees could become tangled with the natural gas lines.
  • If a natural gas meter is damaged or natural gas line is exposed, customers should immediately leave the area and call the Chattanooga Gas 24-hour emergency response line at 1-866-643-4170 or 911 from a safe location.


Meter Safety

  • Customers are encouraged to know where to locate their natural gas meter.
  • Following a weather emergency, they should ensure the natural gas meter is visible, and the area surrounding the meter is free of trash and debris. Mechanical equipment used after the storm to clean up a location may damage the meter if it is hidden.
  • If a natural gas meter is damaged or an underground gas line is exposed, customers should immediately leave the area and call the Chattanooga Gas 24-hour emergency response number at 1-866-643-4170 or 911 from a safe location.


Appliance Safety

  • Customers are advised to leave their natural gas service on during a hurricane or severe storm. Most natural gas appliances have safety valves that shut off the flow of gas automatically if the pilot light goes out.
  • If flooding occurs at a residence or business and the gas appliances are under water, customers are advised not to operate their appliances until a safety inspection is conducted.


Natural Gas Generators

  • During a power outage, natural gas generators provide continuous fuel supply from an existing natural gas line. While these units are available in a range of sizes to meet various energy needs, customers are encouraged to contact Chattanooga Gas prior to purchase and installation to determine whether their service line and meter meets load requirements for the generator’s safe and efficient operation.

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