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rebates faq

Rebate FAQ

What are Chattanooga Gas Conversion Rebates?

Chattanooga Gas conversion rebates are available for the replacement of propane or electric heating equipment and/or water heaters with qualified natural gas furnaces and/or water heaters.

Rebates for residential installations include: $1,000 for complete heat pump system conversions, $500 for heat pump conversion for existing Chattanooga Gas customers, $500 for propane furnace/heat pump air handler conversions, $500 for tankless water heater conversions and $400 for tank style water heater conversions.

Rebates available for commercial conversion installations include: $500 for tank style water heaters, $600 for tankless water heaters, $750 for heat pump conversions for existing Chattanooga Gas customers, $750 for propane furnace conversions and $1,000 for complete heat pump system conversion.

Who is eligible for Chattanooga Gas rebates?

Chattanooga Gas conversion rebates apply to qualifying new natural gas furnaces, water heaters, and dryers installed to replace existing propane or electric heating systems, water heaters, and dryers by a certified Georgia licensed contractor.

For residential and commercial conversions, customers at submitted service address must have a new active account or an established account in good standing with Chattanooga Gas.

Do duel fuel systems qualify for the rebate?

No, dual fuel systems do not qualify.

What other criteria must be met to participate in this program?

This offer applies only to purchases made between January 1, 2020 and December 20, 2020. Online submission forms must be completed within 30 days of purchase or installation of qualifying product.

What supporting documentation is required for submission?

An installation invoice from a Tennessee certified licensed contractor is the accepted form of supporting documentation. Chattanooga Gas reserves the right to inspect the premises prior to payment.

What is the maximum annual rebate value per service address?

The maximum annual Chattanooga Gas rebate value per residential service address is $3,000. The maximum annual Chattanooga Gas rebate value per commercial service address is $6,000.

Is this rebate offer valid for new construction?

This offer is not valid for new construction. For commercial and residential conversions only, this offer is only valid for the remodeling or renovation of pre-existing homes, condominiums, townhouses and apartments located in the Chattanooga Gas service territory.

How long will it take to receive my rebate?

Please allow at least eight weeks after your completed claim (including supporting documentation) is submitted to receive your rebate. A Chattanooga Gas account must also be active at the submitted service address to receive your rebate.

Who should I contact with any questions concerning my rebate submission?

Contact Charles Morgan at 404.584.4317 or

Where should I mail my supporting documentation if I am unable to attach it electronically?

Supporting documents should be mailed to:

Charles Morgan
10 Peachtree Place Dept. 1337
Atlanta, GA 30309