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Budget Plan

Gas prices fluctuate, but your Chattanooga Gas bill doesn't have to. Simplify your budget and pay the same set amount each month for your natural gas usage.

How does Budget Plan work?


To determine your annual bill amount, we calculate your natural gas bill charges from the last 12 months and estimate gas prices for the next 12 months.



We divide that annual bill amount by 12 months to determine your new monthly Budget Plan amount.


About every three months we'll review your account and may adjust your monthly budgeted amount so that your payments are in line with your actual usage and the price of gas.

Who can use Budget Plan?

To enroll in Budget Plan, you must be current on your natural gas bill. If not current, you’ll need to pay the past-due balance or set up a payment arrangement for this balance to be eligible to enroll in the Budget Plan.

Are you past due on your bill?

You may be eligible to set up a Deferred Payment Arrangement which will bring your bill current.

Learn More about Payment Arrangements

How do I enroll in Budget Plan?

We currently offer two ways to begin the Budget Plan enrollment process. Once enrolled, your Budget Plan enrollment will reflect on your next bill. You may cancel your Budget Plan at any time, but we highly recommend you stay on the Budget Plan for at least one year so that you can fully realize the benefit it offers!

We currently offer two ways to begin the enrollment process:


Self-serve by visiting 
My Account and clicking the
enrollment link.

By Phone

Call us and follow the phone prompts
or speak with an agent:

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