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Pricing and Rate Plans
Pricing and Rate Plans

Pricing and Rate Plans

Rates and Tariff

A tariff is a legal document that specifies the charges, terms and conditions under which Chattanooga Gas provides service to its customers.

Rate Information

In October 2018, Chattanooga Gas Company received approval from the Tennessee Public Utility Commission to increase customer rates for the first time in eight years. For the typical residential customer, the rate increase was approximately $1.00 per month. Commercial customers had a similar increase. New rates took effect November 2018.

Natural gas prices remain at historically low levels. Customers pay less now for natural gas priced at $0.46 per therm as compared to  $0.58 per therm in 2017.  As compared to peak prices in 2008 which reached $1.20 per therm, natural gas remains a good value for customers.

Chattanooga Gas Annual Review Mechanism (ARM)

Chattanooga Gas filed a financial review of its 2019 revenues, operational costs and investments in critical system enhancements with the Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) on May 29, 2020. 

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