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Pricing and Rate Plans

Pricing and Rate Plans

Rates and Tariff

A tariff is a legal document that specifies the charges, terms and conditions under which Chattanooga Gas provides service to its customers.

Rate Information

Upon completing Chattanooga Gas’ annual review mechanism (ARM), the Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) has approved $6.8 million in rate adjustments for spent capital costs and recovery of operations and maintenance costs for work completed by Chattanooga Gas in 2022.

The ruling, which aligns with past agreements made between Chattanooga Gas, the Tennessee Consumer Advocate, and the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association (CRMA), allows the company to recover costs incurred in 2022 to meet the region’s growing demand for natural gas service while continuing to maintain a clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas system. As the Chattanooga area continues to experience unprecedented growth, the company is committed to investing in its infrastructure to help drive and expand the region’s economy.

To minimize the impact on customers’ bills, Chattanooga Gas is limiting the full rate request based on the voluntary rate cap proposed by the company and approved by TPUC in 2021 for rate filings made in 2021 through 2024. Under this voluntary rate cap, the 2022 rate increase to the typical residential customer’s total average bill is $4.19 a month or a 6.31% increase.

The approved new rates went into effect Sept. 1, 2023.

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