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economic development
economic development

Economic Development

At Chattanooga Gas, we believe there is more than a good way to do business; there is a right way. We've been serving Tennessee — and have been a stable partner in the community — for decades, and we will continue to be for as long as people need energy for their homes and businesses.

Part of doing business the right way is being an active participant in the economic development of our service area. We run an economic development program to help companies seeking to relocate, build or expand in Tennessee. We provide leadership, knowledge and resources in helping customers choose development sites or plan expansions of their businesses. The result of this service leads to the creation of jobs and the economic growth of Tennessee communities.

At Chattanooga Gas, we are sold on the advantages of living and working in this region. A strong economic base, excellent work ethic and favorable cost of living: Tennessee is a great place to grow your business.

For more information, call Paul Leath at 478.320.9565, or email him at