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Reading Your Meter

Meter Reading

In support of our commitment to quality customer service, Chattanooga Gas has completed installing automated meter reading (AMR) devices on our customers’ natural gas meters. 

Automated meter reading is convenient and reliable. To read your natural gas meter, we no longer need to go into your yard unless maintenance is required. It reduces the need for estimated bills – you are charged for the exact amount of natural gas your home or business consumes. There is no direct charge for installation and does not require the interruption of service. AMR cuts down on the number of vehicles on the road, reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

The AMR technology allows Chattanooga Gas to read meters remotely; however, we may need access to your property occasionally for maintenance.

How Does Automated Meter Reading Work?

A small, battery-powered radio transmitter is installed on the natural gas meter. Once the transmitter is installed, we will be able to read your meter remotely from a special handheld or vehicle device.

A meter reader will walk by your home or a vehicle will drive by with a device that receives a signal from the transmitter with the meter reading data. Once the data is collected, it will be processed through your marketer’s billing system.

If you have questions or concerns about meter reading, just call us at 866.643.4168.

Don’t Hesitate: Ask to see a Company Photo ID

If a meter reader approaches your property, don't hesitate to ask to see their company photo ID. If you're in doubt about the identity of someone coming to your home, call us at 866.643.4168. If you feel threatened, call 911.

How to Read Your Meter

  1. Read the numbers for each dial going from right to left.
  2. Always read the numbers in the direction the arrow on the dial is pointing.
  3. If the pointer is between two numbers, always select the smaller number, unless the pointer is between 0 and 9, then select 9.
  4. If a pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to its immediate right. If its pointer has not passed zero, record the lower number.

The reading for this example is 2984.