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Annual Rate Review Mechanism (ARM)

Bringing safe, reliable and affordable natural gas service our Chattanooga Gas customers expect and deserve.

2022 ARM Filing

Our proactive roadmap for our natural gas energy future

2022 ARM Press Release

Learn how these investments will enhance safety, improve reliability and expand our system to support growth in the Chattanooga region

2022 ARM Docket

View the public filings record for Docket No. 22-00032 at TPUC

Rate Request



2022 Rate Request

The 2022 ARM filing seeks to recover through rates $6.8 million in spent capital and recovery of the costs of work we’ve already done in 2021 to meet the region’s growing demand for natural gas service.

Rate Comparisons

The average Chattanooga Gas residential customer may expect to see an average total bill for the upcoming winter months as follows:


December 2022 of $125.56 as compared to December 2021 of $100.74


January 2023 of $167.05 as compared to January 2022 of $133.47


February 2023 of $158.54 as compared to February 2022 of $121.54.

Current natural gas costs reflect the impact of supply constraints and higher demand this winter heating season. Chattanooga Gas does not profit from these increased costs and instead passes on the market cost directly to customers. The current per therm price customers pay for natural gas delivered by Chattanooga Gas comprises approximately 70% of a typical residential customer’s bill due to economic factors that have affected the commodity’s market price.

Save Money and Energy

We’re dedicated to helping our customers find ways to save money and energy without sacrificing comfort.

Energy Assistance



Energy Assistance

You deserve peace of mind when it comes to paying your bill. If you or someone you know is worried about making or missing a payment, there are available energy assistance programs, grants and agencies to help. 

Tips for Saving Money and Energy



Energy Efficiency

If you'd like to better manage your energy bills, save energy and keep more money in your wallet, energy efficiency is great place to start. Check out tips and learn more about natural gas savings you can make throughout your home.

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